What Is Fashion?


Fashion is an expression of culture and reflects individual tastes. It is a broad spectrum that has a cycle of coming back and going out of style. New discoveries of lesser-known regions of the world can also spur a change in fashion. At one time, Europe might be influenced by Turkish fashion, but might later favor Chinese or Japanese clothing. Globalization has reduced this novelty factor, but introduced non-Western clothing into the West. But what exactly is fashion?


The connection between art and fashion is long standing. Fashion and art are both means of creating imaginary worlds that emit a statement. Both are engineered for self-expression and to be worn for social standing. The fall 2014 fashions emphasize both craftsmanship and beauty. Neiman Marcus has been hosting the annual fashion testament for over 20 years, honoring the work of the artists who create them. Here are some of the artists whose work is being celebrated at this year’s show:


Today, the technology industry has evolved to incorporate several technological tools into the daily activities of consumers. For instance, smart phones have become consumers’ biggest allies when it comes to shopping. These mobile devices make it easy for consumers to shop online. The use of these technological tools has made the fashion industry shift its focus from traditional retail to developing mobile applications. The following are some of these tools and how they can be used in the fashion industry. They will all help to make the shopping experience better for consumers.

Social context

Fashion can be used as a social class marker. The upper classes have a stronger influence on fashion than the working and lower classes. Over time, objects like shoes, bags, and watches have become class signifiers, and they are often used as a reflection of social hierarchy. In many cases, people try to emulate the styles of those in the upper classes. However, this practice is not always successful. This article will discuss some of the ways in which fashion can be used to help social class members understand each other.


The expression of fashion can be interpreted as a social phenomenon. In a multi-cultural society, maximalism is a form of expression that can be interpreted in various ways. In the 21st century, maximalism is expressed in the fashion world through the mixture of design elements, including expansion, splendor, variety, and composition. The term is used to describe the look of modern clothes, which are a departure from traditional Chinese uniforms.


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