What Is a Woman?

The term woman is used to describe a female human. Before adulthood, a female human is usually called a girl. Some phrases refer to all female humans as a group. However, there are some exceptions. Below are some common examples of the word woman. Read on to learn more about this word and its use in different contexts. Also, check out the definitions for “girl” and “woman”.

Women want a woman who is not just “book” smart but also “street” smart

A woman with “street” smarts is more likely to be a desirable match for men who want to be with them on a daily basis. A woman with street smarts is someone who can fight and defend herself in a tough situation. She has lived in the world, and this experience is more valuable than academic knowledge. It is her ability to understand people and situations that allow her to be successful in a particular situation.

They want a woman who is sincere

A man is attracted to a woman who is sincere. Sincere women are not afraid to show their emotions. This is because they have integrity and cannot be manipulated by others. Sincere women are also blunt and have deep intuition. Unlike some women, they do not hide from criticism or praise because they fear the consequences of their words and actions. Sincere women will not waste their energy on a man who is hesitant or not ready to commit.

They want a woman who is compassionate

Men want a compassionate woman because it will show that they are truly grateful for life. Women who are compassionate will recognize the beauty of every moment and will be thankful for all that they have. Compassion is a trait that can change the world and it is more important than ever. With so many problems facing the world, compassion is a great virtue to have in a partner. Compassionate women have a golden heart that can change the world.