The Benefits of Makeup


Throughout history, people have used different types of makeup. Ancient Chinese and Japanese used rice powder and henna dyes for hair and skin. People also painted their fingernails with different colors to signal social status. In ancient Greece, women used white lead paint on their faces, crushed berries for cheeks, and fake eyebrows made from oxen hair. These are just a few of the earliest examples. Today, makeup companies follow strict guidelines regarding the ingredients they use. All ingredients in cosmetics sold in the United States must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ingredients in makeup

Many cosmetic products are loaded with dangerous chemicals, and there are numerous ways to avoid them. While the ingredients listed in cosmetics are safe in small amounts, many contain higher-than-safe levels of toxic chemicals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates foods, but cosmetics do not have the same standards. Common contaminants in cosmetics range from lead to asbestos and phthalates. Hidden chemicals in cosmetics are also dangerous to human health. These toxins can cause birth defects, reproductive issues, hormone imbalance, neurological conditions, and cancer.

Purpose of makeup

The purpose of makeup varies greatly from person to person, but one common reason is to enhance a look. Many cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that are not good for the skin, similar to the chemicals that are found in junk food. Makeup, however, has its benefits, and some cosmetics actually promote healthy skin. Whether you use it for beauty or health reasons, makeup has many beneficial properties. To learn more about the benefits of makeup, read on.

Methods of application

The different methods of applying makeup can help you create a flawless look, but one technique that is particularly beneficial for achieving a flawless complexion is patting. This method of applying makeup involves gently pulsating the product against the skin, which makes it apply evenly and creates an airbrushed finish. This technique is recommended for products that are viscous and creamy in texture, but do not provide high coverage. Patting also helps avoid the cakey look.


Several precautions should be observed when using cosmetics. People often forget to close the lid properly when using liquid makeup. This can result in eye infections. Make sure to close the lid of all your cosmetics bottles to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria. Also, avoid storing makeup near an open flame or a heat source. In addition, makeup should be stored in an airy, dry cabinet to keep the moisture away.

Cost of makeup

The global makeup industry reached $56 billion last year, and is expected to continue growing. This does not mean that makeup is becoming cheaper, however. It simply means that higher-end brands have become more popular, and that more people are willing to pay higher prices for them. However, the amount of money that a makeup brand can charge per product depends on the market they want to target. In addition, there are some key differences between the cost of high-end and mass-market brands.