How to Please a Woman


A woman is a human female. Girls are female humans who are not yet adults. Sometimes, the word women is used in the plural, to refer to all female humans. If you’re considering marrying a woman, here are some things to keep in mind. First, know what a woman values. What does she want from her man? Read on to discover some of the best ways to please your woman! She’s likely to value humor, family, and support.

Women value family as well as man

While men are more likely to be satisfied with a family that provides economic security, women may not see this as a priority. They may want their partner to pursue a career while providing for the household. By focusing on the family’s needs, women can find their man’s satisfaction and pursue their own dreams. However, they should also remember that men will often prefer a woman who is willing to spend a lot of time with the family.

They value giving

While some women are hesitant to make large donations, others value giving time and energy to organizations that help them solve problems. The results of studies on women’s charitable contributions vary. Some are idealistic and tend to donate to key community organizations, while others focus their giving on core human services. The truth is somewhere in between. What do you think? Do you feel like you’re giving more to charity than you’re getting back? What are your priorities when it comes to giving?

They value humor

Studies have shown that women value a man’s sense of humor more than men do. In fact, humor consistently ranks high among women’s preferences in mates. Those surveyed said they requested a date with a man with a good sense of humor twice as often as women requested a man with a bad sense of humor. Women are also more sensitive to humor signals. They tend to smile more and laugh more when a man is around.

They value equality with men

In a recent Gallup poll, the public is divided on whether society treats men and women equally. Four in ten say they do, while a slightly larger group, 45 percent, believe that society still favors men. Only nine percent say they believe society favors women more than men. At the same time, these attitudes have significantly changed in the last twenty years, when Gallup first asked this question. Women value equality with men in more ways than just pay.