Don’t Let Women Control Your Sexuality


Women are adult female human beings. They are expected to be wives, mothers, and support men’s endeavors. They are also expected to control their sexuality. Let’s explore these expectations. Here are some tips for women. Don’t let them control your sexuality! We’ve all been there. What are you doing differently? How can you make your woman more free? What are the common sex-related expectations? What do you think will change your behavior?

Women are adult female human beings

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, women are adult human beings, but the term ‘woman’ is also used for a female human before she reaches the age of consent. Certain words and phrases refer to women as a plural, but it is not always the most accurate definition. The term can also mean a female human’s sexuality, social roles, or feelings about gender identity. The word ‘woman’ has multiple meanings in different contexts, and this article will explore these definitions.

They are expected to be wives and mothers

Men and women have been perceived differently over the years. In the past, men looked upon mothers as submissive and conforming. As long as they remained submissive, women were socially acceptable. A Protestant reformer wrote in the early twentieth century that women should not be weary of bearing children. In modern societies, motherhood is associated with women’s sexuality and is often an institution that limits women’s roles in society.

They are expected to support men in their endeavors

Many companies have internal programs aimed at improving gender diversity in their companies. Men should take an active role in these programs by serving on diversity and inclusion committees and attending diversity conferences. Additionally, he can leverage social media to promote gender diversity. Most companies have closed social media channels that encourage more candid discussions among employees. CEOs attending these events may also signal the importance of the topic more than a press release.

They are expected to control their sexuality

Whether you agree or disagree with the idea that women are more or less sexual than men, there’s no denying that the social norms are in place. The family dynamic is one of the main reasons that women are less sexual than men. Often, mothers and fathers protect daughters by imposing their moral view of sex on them. Young girls are taught to suppress their physical selves and not show it to the outside world. Such protective attitudes from their parents can instill in young women the notion that they should be ashamed of their sexuality.

They are expected to make decisions

The notion that women aren’t as capable of making decisions as men is rooted in outdated thinking. According to Catalyst, a research firm, only 14 percent of top-level leadership positions are held by women. While men make more decisions at the C-Suite level, companies with a majority of female directors outperform those with no women on their board. The Catalyst report shows that women are just as capable as men in decision-making, if not more effective.