A Woman Is Everything by Matt Walsh


Matt Walsh embarks on a quest to challenge the prevailing gender ideologies. He focuses on issues like the woman’s right to vote, Feminine reproduction, and Womanliness. He also delves into social roles and the role of a mother. His journey is a fascinating read, and a must-read for every woman! The title “A Woman Is…” will surely make you re-think the concept of femininity.

Women’s right to vote

The fight for women’s suffrage began in the 1850s, but lost steam once the Civil War broke out. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, providing protection for all citizens, but the 15th Amendment gave black men the right to vote. Despite this victory, some women’s suffrage advocates refused to support the 15th Amendment and allied with racist Southerners. This resulted in a series of infamous court cases.

Feminine reproduction

The female reproductive system consists of internal and external sex organs that function to produce new offspring. A woman is born with an immature reproductive system, but it develops to full maturity during puberty. Once it reaches full maturity, it is capable of producing gametes and carrying a foetus to term. It is also a major factor in a woman’s ability to carry a baby to term.


In literature, the concept of womanliness can be defined as a set of behaviors, attributes, and roles associated with women. Although womanliness is a social construct, there are some traits and behaviors associated with femininity that have biological and cultural origins, the extent of which is unclear. In addition, the concept of womanliness differs from the biological definition of the female sex. The concept of womanliness is often used to describe female behaviors that are not necessarily desirable or socially acceptable for both sexes.

Social role of mother

The social role of mother as woman has always been considered to be one of the core responsibilities of womankind. Bringing up a child is like her first school. Mother is the child’s first teacher and will shape her behaviour throughout her formative years. She also maintains the discipline of the family and transmits her social heritage to her child. But the social role of mother as woman is not static. There are many aspects that make up this fundamental role of women.

Transgender people

The New Republic and Time both have dubbed transgenderism the next great civil rights wave. The future of transgenderism could have an impact on all of us. The societal stigmas surrounding transgender people make them a target for discrimination and violence. Nevertheless, there are many benefits of this social change. Here are some of them. Read on to learn about their experiences and what you can do to support them.

Transgender people’s struggle to be seen as a woman

The struggle of transgender people to be seen as a woman is not new. While same-sex couples enjoy more acceptance and legal protection, transgender people are left out on an island. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, nearly one-third of transgender people have experienced mistreatment in the workplace. In addition, nearly one-fourth have been victims of violence or harassment from a family member. Another alarming statistic is the high unemployment rate for transgender people, which is about 15 percent, or three times higher than the national average.